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Symposium Programme


XIII ISEI Symposium

Training our immune system for health and performance. To download the Symposium program click the icon  isei download icon


  • DAY 1 - Tuesday 11th July (11-07-2017)

    Time Topic
    14:00- 17:30 Registration
    17:30- 19:30 Welcome Reception (Sta Clara-à-Velha Monastery)
  • DAY 2 - Wednesday 12th July (12-07-2017)

    Time Topic
    8:00- 9:00 Day registration and poster mounting
    9:00- 9:30 Opening of the Symposium
    9:30- 10:30 Session 1: Presidential Symposium & Honorary Lecture
    Chairs: Maree Gleeson (AUS) and Ana Maria Teixeira (PT)
    9:30 Katsuhiko Suzuki (JP): Cytokine response to exercise and its modulation
    10:00 Romain Meeusen (BE): Exercise and the Brain
    10:30- 11:00 Tea/Coffee break
    11:00- 12:30 Session 2 –How to Maintain Athletes Health
    Chairs: Nicholas West (AUS) and Luís Rama (PT)
    11:00 Maree Gleeson (AUS): Regulation of Mucosal Immunity and Impact of Exercise
    11:30 David Pyne (AUS): Quantitative interpretation of immune test results in athletes
      Oral presentations
    12:00 Naroa Etxebarria (AUS): Lost in translation - Getting your research message across
    12:15 Candice Colbey (AUS): Immune cell profiles distinguish Australian Olympic athletes with or without URS
    12:30- 14:00 Lunch
    14:00- 15:30 Session 3 – Immune Responses to Exercise
    Chairs: Neil Walsh (UK) and Cristina Monteiro (PT)
    14:00 Karsten Krüger (GE): Exercise, lymphocyte life span and adaptation
      Oral Presentations
    14:30 Selma van Staveren (NL): Multidimensional analysis reveals increasing phenotypic changes in the total neutrophil compartment during 8 consecutive days of endurance exercise.
    14:45 Erik D. Hanson (USA): Submaximal aerobic exercise induces mait cell lymphocytosis but does not alter homing and activation markers.
    15:00 Diogo V. Leal (UK): Endocrine, immune and inflammatory adaptations in men following exercise induced chronic stress.
    15:15 Johanna K. Ihalainen(FI): Inflammation status of healthy untrained young men: initial response to resistance training.
    15:30 A. L. Moura (PT): Anaphylaxis during physical exercise.
    15:45- 16:00 Tea/Coffee break
    16:00- 17:30 Session 4 – Immune Responses to Extreme Challenges
    Chairs: Richard Simpson (USA) and Glen Davison (UK)
    16:00 Neil Walsh (UK) - Immune Responses to Extreme Challenges
      Oral Presentations
    16:30 Austin B. Bingley (USA): Dysregulated NK-cell function during long-duration spaceflight.
    16:45 Nadia H Agha(USA): The impact of a 6-month mission to the International Space Station (ISS) on salivary antimicrobial proteins.
    17:00 Rhiannon Snipe (AUS): Can carbohydrate and protein intake prevent gut-immune perturbations induced by exertional-heat stress?
    17:15 Mauro Vaisberg (BR): Differences in the nasal neutrophil count between marathoners with or without exercise-induced bronchoconstrition.
    17:30 Karsten Krüger (DE): Effects of therapeutic exercise training on systemic inflammation in smoke-exposed mice.
    17:30-18:30 Poster viewing and judging of Early Career Researcher posters
  • DAY 3 - Thursday 13th July ( 13-07-2017 )

    Time Topic
    8:00- 9:00 Day registration and poster mounting
    9:00- 10:30 Session 5 – Exercise and Metabolism
    Chairs: David Nieman (USA) and Raul Martins (PT)
    9:00 Amira Klip (CAN) - Exercise and Metabolism
      Oral Presentations
    9:30 Claúdia R. Cavaglieri (BR): Associations between metabolic and inflammatory changes in obese middle-age men after 24 weeks of combined training.
    9:45 Liliana Baptista (PT): Multifactorial cardiovascular risk intervention in an early stage of Type 2 diabetes in older adults: the effect of exercise training and metformin.
    10:00 Arwel W. Jones (UK): Vitamin D status modulates innate immune responses and metabolic profiles following acute prolonged cycling.
    10:15 Melissa M. Markofski (USA): Moderate activity, not vigorous activity is associated with a higher percent of circulating classic monocytes positive for CX3CR1 and CCR2.
    10:30 Loreana Silveira (BR): Peritoneal macrophage and adipose tissue macrophage polarization in obese mice: role of exercise training and PPAR-y
    10:30- 11:00 Tea/Coffee break
    11:00- 12:30 Session 6 – Skeletal Muscle Regeneration and Adaptation
    Chairs: David Pyne (AUS) and Carlos Fontes Ribeiro (PT)
    11:00 Benedicte Chazaud (FR): Macrophages during skeletal muscle regeneration: from experimentation in mouse to human physiology
    11:30 Jonathan Peake (AUS): Profiling Skeletal Muscle Injury and Regeneration Using Proteomics
      Oral communications
    12:00 Oliver Neubauer (AUS): Novel time-course related linkages of skeletal muscle gene networks with blood inflammation and muscle damage markers following endurance exercise.
    12:15 Yuzuru Sakamoto (JP): A role of DAP12, an activating-type immunoregulatory molecule in skeletal muscle regeneration
    12:30- 14:00 Lunch (ISEI Board Meeting – Sala Jardim)
    14:00- 15:30 Session 7 – Modulating Diseases Outcome by Exercise
    Chairs: Karsten Kruger (GE) e Benoit Dugué (FR)
    14:00 Pernille Hojman (DK): Running from Cancer: A Role for Exercise-Mediated Control of Cancer Through Regulation of Immune Function.
    14:30 Ryoichi Nagatomi (JP): Lessons from Natural Killer Deficient Patients – Implication In Exercise Immunology
      Oral communications
    15:00 Michael Harrison (IR): Influence of sprint interval exercise and continuous aerobic exercise on circulating angiogenic leukocytes in older adults.
    15:15 Sven P. Hoekstra (SW): Elevated core temperature: not only useful in the context of exercise to combat chronic low-grade inflammation?
    15:30 Testimony of a patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis (Sponsored by Holmes Place)
    15:30- 16:00 Tea/Coffee break
    16:00- 17:30 Session 8 – Nutritional Intervention in Exercise
    Chairs: Claúdia Cavaglieri (BR) and Jonathan Peake (USA)
    16:00 David Nieman (USA): Impact of Nutrition on Metabolic and Immune System Recovery from Heavy Exertion: Value of Multi-Omics Approaches
    16:30 Lindy Castell (UK): Can Nutritional Supplements Help Exercise-induced Immunodepression?
      Oral communications
    17:00 Glen Davison (UK): Bovine Colostrum supplementation enhances sensitivity of the in vivo immune response to a novel antigen following prolonged exercise.
    17:15 Matheus Uba-Chupel (PT): Exercise and supplementation with taurine in the elderly: effects on immune and blood-brain barrier integrity markers.
    17:30 Juliana Santos (BR): Influence of Vitamin D and inflammation on sleep disorders in sedentary and street runners.
    17:30- 18:30 Poster viewing and judging of Earlier Career Researcher Award posters
    19:30 Symposium Dinner – Quinta das Lágrimas
  • DAY 4 - Friday 14th July ( 14-07-2017 )

    Time Topic
    9:00- 10:30 Session 9 – Immunosenescence and Exercise
    Chais: Eduardo Ortega (ES) and Barbara Wessner (AT)
    9:00 Richard Simpson (USA): Mobilizing T-Cells With Exercise for Adoptive Transfer Immunotherapy
    9:30 Ana Teixeira (PT): Effects of Lifelong Training on T Lymphocytes Senescence
      Oral presentations
    10:00 Forrest L. Baker (USA): Relationships between cardiorespiratory fitness and markers of senescence and exhaustion in peripheral blood CD8+ T-cells and NK-cells.
    10:15 Masataka Uchida (JP): Chronic responses of inflammation and macrophage function to exercise training in various tissues of senescent mice.
    10:30- 11:00 Tea/Coffee break
    11:00- 12:30 Session 10 – Exercise and the Gut Microbiota: From Brain to Muscle
    Chairs: Ryoichi Nagatomi (JP) and José Pedro Ferreira (PT)
    11:00 Monika Fleshner (USA): Early Life Exercise Promotes Favorable Changes in Gut Microbial Ecology, Persistent Stress Robustness, and Metabolic Health”
    11:30 Jorge Ruas (SW): The Effects of Exercise Training on Kynurenines, Metabolism, and Mental Health
      Oral presentations
    12:00 Nicholas West (AUS): Exercise, the microbiota and immune regulation.
    12:15 Bernardo A. Petriz (BR): Analysis of moderate aerobic exercise on the gut microbiota from mice induced to obesity with high fat diet.
    12:30- 13:30 Closing of the Symposium and Earlier Career Researcher Awards
    (Sponsored by iKeys)
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